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SDC experience

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개발자: SPIN Holding B.V.
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This is the SDC experience, which is used in stores across the Globe to demonstrate the SPIN remote SDC-1.

SPIN remote SDC-1 is a revolutionary 1-gesture controller that helps you steer smart and non-smart devices seamlessly via Infrared, Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi (via SPIN remote App). It interacts with you playfully as soon as you touch it, responding intuitively to simple gestures and turning them into commands. It consolidates all the core functions of your remote controls and control apps in one.

SPIN remote SDC-1 can seamlessly integrate the way you control your Infrared appliances and your smart home devices. Its intuitive approach and easiness throughout will do away with the complexity of all the remotes and functionalities you dont need or use. It will transform a functional experience of remote control use into an exciting one which is fun and intuitive. It will help you to be in control of your devices and make the use of your devices much more enjoyable.